Safety & Quality

A Place for Safety

A foundational tenet of PSI’s business is the safety and health of our employees. We put safety into action across every aspect of our operation. It starts with training each new employee, which begins during on-boarding and extends throughout the employees’ tenure with PSI.

Our proactive Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) approach focuses on awareness, engagement, education, and observation. It utilizes leading indicators and preventative measures that helps every situation exceed customer expectations and allows our associates to get home safe and sound every night. 

We focus on the following attributes to make this happen

  • Qualifications: We prepare new hires to work safely.
  • Awareness: We ensure employees can identify any unsafe behaviors, conditions, or environmental risks that would be harmful to them, other employees, customers or their work surroundings.
  • Agility: Full time in-house certified OSHA500 and National Safety Council training supports in-field certifications, safety awareness audits, training, and documentation needs.
  • Engagement: We focus on utilizing tools and programs to engage employees; encouraging peer-to-peer communication and support around safe work practices; setting expectations and guidelines to support job site safety talks and contractor safety requirements and continuous education for our teams.
  • Analysis: We focus on implementing timely and repeatable communications, root cause and corrective action processes, and data analysis that includes a near-miss and safety observation program.
  • Metrics: We implement safety scorecards at a company-wide and divisional level to measure employee engagement and involvement.

A Place for Quality

PSI has earned its position as a leader in the industry by consistently understanding, meeting or exceeding each customer’s requirements and expectations for quality. We do this through continued in-field and on-site evaluations and communications with clients on project expectations. We also create collaborative solutions for any project specific challenges that might arise.

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality program and the quality of the services we provide. We strive to always be recognized by our customers as a high quality service provider that exceeds their quality performance expectations.

Reputation and trust are the cornerstones for continued growth and in order to build customer confidence, we must stand behind the quality of our work. If concerns arise, our commitment is to quickly understand, rectify, then prevent reoccurrence.  Our quality assurance program is designed to prevent problems or defects through planned and systematic activities, a documented process, and establishing benchmarks to create repeatable processes. Simply put, it ensures that quality is “built in” at the front end rather than “inspected-in” at the back end of every PSI project. 

A Place for Continuous Improvement (CI)

Safety procedures and quality assurance provide a pathway to achieving continuous improvement. At PSI, we have developed a culture that encourages CI and process discipline. We are never satisfied and know that we can continuously improve on every level, whether it is our processes, our procedures, our quality or our end product.

PSI uses Lean and Six Sigma concepts to help associates learn and apply improvement skills to exceed customer expectations throughout a project or engagement. We have the foresight to go beyond daily requirements and support project efficiences. We have built an organization where every associate is a problem solver and every leader is a coach.

Our fact-based, data-driven philosophy of continuous improvement helps improve quality through defect prevention, improving process efficiency and effectiveness. Lean Six Sigma also helps create a workplace that is clean, organized, and safe, resulting in fewer accidents, a safe environment and better visibility and control for our overall operations.

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