Place Services Inc. (PSI) is committed to our employee’s career development, while continuing to improve our internal processes.  As a result, we recently created a PSI Project Management Training Program. Our first phase of this program was performed in December 2021 to train our Project Managers in our Trades, General Contracting and Federal Divisions. This training program provides our Project Managers with a standard approach and several new tools to lead projects with new processes and skills that improve quality and work efficiencies. Our ultimate goal in these trainings classes is to ensure our Project Managers are given the best possible tools to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations efficiently. These courses are taught by a combo of PSI executives from our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and outside industry experts. This program also utilized several valued clients to engage with some of the course’s question and answer sessions, where they shared their perspective on different elements of a great project manager. PSI plans to roll out the second and third phases of our Project Management Training Program within the first half of 2022.