Now, more than ever, there is an increased demand for investment in quality training. We are thrilled to be partnering with MindForge LLC for our safety courses! The MindForge Platform is the easiest way for contractors to take their safety and quality programs to the next level. This program establishes a digital connection with the front-line workforce. Centralizes all training and information in one place. Distributes it to mobile devices. Provides people training they’ll enjoy.

Place Services knows who’s trained on what. MindForge brings operations, safety and quality under one roof because all of these components are essential to success. Sometimes, safety and production compete for time. They don’t need to anymore.

MindForge is about increasing productivity, enhancing the bottom-line, doing amazing work and going home at the end of the day. Ultimately, our goal is to save lives and keep our employees safe at Place Services. At PSI we have now had 14 of our employees complete their safety onboarding and many more are in the process of completion.